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Fisherrow harbour

The Fisherrow Waterfront group is made up of local residents, harbour users, East Lothian Council officers and representatives from other local community groups.


The group was formed, after a public consultation event in the Fisherrow Yacht Club, in May 2011 identified that there was significant community interest in developing the potential of the Fisherrow Waterfront -  the backsands, the harbour and the promenade.


In June 2012 the working group became officially constituted as the Fisherrow Waterfront Group whose purposes include:-


1.     To advance citizenship and community development by encouraging increased public use of the Fisherrow Waterfront for recreational and social purposes; promoting the awareness of the Fisherrow Waterfront as a community asset; and fostering opportunities for the community to participate in shaping and managing the area.


2.    To advance public participation in sport by seeking to maximise opportunities for organised and informal sports and active lifestyles in relation to the beach and the sea at Fisherrow.


3.    To advance environmental protection and improvement by working with other interested parties to secure physical improvements to the natural environment at Fisherrow Harbour and the waterfront, and the most effective management of the waterfront space that meets the various local needs


4.    To advance the arts, heritage, culture or science by supporting and enabling projects that protect and enhance the statutorily listed Fisherrow Harbour, contribute to the regeneration and development of the area and improve the setting of the historic Harbour.


Membership of the Fisherrow Waterfront Group is open to anyone aged 16 and over who is interested in supporting the aims and purpose of the group. To apply for membership please complete this Membership Form.


If you have any ideas or skills you could offer to the group, or would like to get more involved, please contact us:


c/o Fisherrow Yacht Club
97 New St
Musselburgh EH21 6DG


Or email -



Our events are also publicised through our facebook page - Fisherrowwaterfront